MnM 2015 RTW Trip – How much money did we spend?

Money, Money, Money

We visited 21 countries in total during our Round the World trip. Here are the stats when it comes to the finances.

Most Expensive Countries:

  1. Tibet
  2. US
  3. Japan
  4. Singapore
  5. South Korea

Most Inexpensive Countries:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Laos
  3. Cambodia
  4. Vietnam
  5. Bolivia

Expense Guidelines by Country (FOR 2 PEOPLE):

£1000 to £1400 = Average cost of travelling per month including travel in:

India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Peru, Bolivia

£1800 to £2200 = Average cost of travelling per month including travel in:

Hong Kong, South Korea, Chile, Argentina, Brazil

£2500 to £3500 = Average cost of travelling per month including travel in:

US, Japan, Singapore,

£4500 = Cost of travelling per month, stay, private transportation, Guides, Permits etc:


Some Examples (For 2 people):

Cost of living in Jogjakarta, Indonesia

+ Hotel with pool and breakfast = £8

+ Meals (2 breakfast, 2 Lunch, 2 Dinner) = £6

+ Scooter Hire + Petrol = £2.5 +  £0.20 = £2.70

+ Others = £3.30

= TOTAL = £20 per day for 2 adults

Scooter Hire in Indonesia – Approx £3 per day including petrol

Nice hotel with private room, pool, hang out area and breakfast for 2 – £8

Cost of living in Kyoto, Japan

+ Hostel Capsule Beds = £18*2 = £36

+ Meals (2 breakfast, 2 Lunch, 2 Dinner) = £25

+ Transport = £47 (including JR Rail pass)

+ Others = £20

= TOTAL = £128 per day for 2 adults

Ryokan – Traditional accommodation in Japan. This one is an inexpensive air-conditioned Ryokan in a hostel in Kyoto – £40

Transportation is the one of the biggest expense in Japan, we went for economic 7 day JR Rail Pass for £150 per person.

Cost of living in Sucre, Bolivia (We stayed for 3 weeks learning Spanish)

+ Private room in a cottage hostel = £12

+ Meals (self made in kitchen) = £8

+ Transport = £0 (we walked in this small town)

+ Others = £5

= TOTAL = £25 per day for 2 adults

Additional = Learning Spanish in School @ £3 per hour


Private Room in this old house/Hostel – £10

Study Spanish in this Lovely School – £3 per hour. 2 hours a day for 2 people only £12

Cost – Long International Flights: 

A lot of people ask whether to buy the ‘Round the world’ tickets. We decided not to go for it. And I think it was a good decision. Looking at what we could buy for £2084 per person you can decide for what your trip has to offer.

These are the important expensive flights, there were more.

#SourceDestinationCost 1 PersonCost 2 People
1London,UKMumbai, India£435£870
2Kochi, IndiaKuala Lampur, Malaysia£54£108
3SingaporeJakarta, Indonesia £68£136
4Bali,Indonesia Manila, Philippines£65£130
5Manila, PhilippinesHanoi, Vietnam£65£130
6Yangon,MyanmarBeijing, China£106£212
7Guangzhou, ChinaLhasa Tibet£240£480
8Hong KongBusan, South Korea£66£132
9Seoul, South KoreaOsaka, Japan£54£108
10Tokyo, JapanLos Angeles, US£462£924
11Los Angeles, USLima, Peru£221£442
12Sao Paulo, BrazilLondon, UK£248£496


Finally ….. 

Finally the big question is that total spend. After making our mind up to go travelling on 23 August 2013, it took us 2 years 3 months to pack our bags and hit the road so we had enough time to save.  After everything roughly the total comes to £24,200 two of us spent travelling the world for approx 12 months. It is roughly US$36,300 or INR 24,20,000 or EUR 33,400. Of course one needs to account for the loss of earnings and savings over around 14-15 month period.

What Next .. 

We are back in London, planning to work and save until our next adventure …

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