Ladhak Road Trip – Official Video

Ladhak Road Trip – Official Video

An amazing road trip on motorbikes in the Himalayas, in a region known as Ladhak (part of the Tibetan plateau which resides in India). At an average height of 14000 feet, altitude is a bitch , roads mostly don’t exist but the landscape is arid and beautiful, sky can’t be more blue and high altitude lakes are simply mesmerising.

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Weekend with mum Venice (Aug 2016)

I (Monty) and my mum went for a Mum and Son to visit Venice. Mum has always dreamt of a place where there are no roads but there is water and boats connecting the city. She was really surprised when she first came to know that such a place existed. So in her first trip to Europe I made arrangements for us to visit Venice over a long weekend. Read more

Fly above the biggest waterfalls, Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

We visited the Iguazu Falls towards the end of November 2015. We knew these were one of the largest waterfalls but to witness them from up close was truly remarkable. After a 17 hour bus journey from Buenos Aires we arrived at Puerto Iguazu and quickly made our way to the Falls on the Argentina side. You can feel the sheer force of water that flows through such a big river in great intensity. Read more