London MCN Motorcycle Show – 2016

Motorbikes my first love when it comes to adventure traveller.  I have big dreams of doing something big one day and it involves a motorbike.

Always found this fascinating – VICTORY Motorbikes

Here is a short note of my visit to the MCN Motorcycle Show in London at The Excel Centre. This is an annual event and brings in all the major players. Almost every other year I get to see many new bikes, get to touch and feel them and get to sit on them.

Ducati Moster
The New Ducati Moster – 890cc My preferred One

Perhaps my favourite section is the Adventure Travel Section where I get to meet many nomad adventure motorcyclists who have travelled around the world. So many of them and this time I again met Dylan Wickrama and listed and watched his travel adventures.

Street Tripple S
Powerful TRIUMPH Street Tripple S – Probably my next bike

I am hoping one day soon I will be able to take these mean machines and take them far far away. 

Triumph Street Twin
Triumph Classic StreetTwin – This can be my second bike for London City riding


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