About Monty

I am Monty. I was born and raised in India for quarter of a century. Then I moved to UK and London has been my home since. I like to and continue to explore – both outwards and inwards.

What I Love?

I not only love travelling but I follow a wide variety of interests. I am big time into Motorbikes. I would love to adventure travel on a motorbike for days and weeks. I don’t have a bike yet because until sometime back I did not have a garage , but I do have one now. After this RTW trip getting a motorbike is high on the list.

I like Cycling. In March 2013 I bought the basic road bike Specialized Allez. And since then I have probably ridden a 1000 mikes (as of Sep 2014) on roads. My biggest achievement is completing the 2014 Prudential RideLondon, a 100 mile closed road bike ride in London and Surrey for armatures, finishing at The Mall at Buckingham Palace in London.

I like to Run. It keeps me active. I will like to run more often, at least 2 times a week. In August 2014 I completed my first and only Edinburgh Marathon. The next one on the list is Berlin Marathon.

I love Dancing Latin. I can Salsa, Rumba, Bachata, Cha Cha, Merengue, little bit Jive, bit of Zouk. I will want to learn Tango when we travel to Argentina.

I love Science – Physics, Astronomy, Electronics. I earned my graduation degree after completing a 4 year Bachelor’s Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication.  So I kinda remember building circuits, playing with chips. I studied IBM Mainframe Programming and pretty comfortable with computers. I assembled my home computer which runs great. I am an Android person, no Apples for me please.  Lately I have been keen in and working on Cloud Computing and Google Glass.

I am into Buddhism. I hope to travel to Tibet and learn meditation. For more than a decade I have always thought I will change into a Buddhist. As someone said its not a religion, it is a philosophy.

I would love to Learn

  • Swimming
  • Spanish
  • Photography
  • Video and Movie making
  • Solo Sky Diving (no tandem) to be a Sky Diving Instructor
  • Sea Diving (certified divers)
  • Fly a Aeroplane (get a pilot license)
  • Snow Sports

What I will like to Do?

  • A solo motorbike ride around the work covering all 7 continents. This is very important and I am very serious about this.
  • Make a difference to this world. IndiaSchool.
  • more I am sure ..

P.S. I have purposely not written anything about Family & Friends but they are more important than anything else.

I hope to find wisdom, peace and purpose from this trip ..