5 Days in Prague (Praha) 2016

Our trip to Prague began Thursday night with the estimated arrival time of 01:30 am at Prague airport. It was just the trip we wanted to make the most of our end of May bank holiday weekend and welcoming the Summer of 2016.

Just to recap, it has been over five months since we’ve been back in the UK from our adventure Around the World 2015 and needless to say that we have been missing the feeling of just pure wonder, the feeling of not knowing what you will do, discover, eat, meet and where your day would take you. The element of surprise was something I was craving and after months of having a familiar base, I was looking forward to venture out the unfamiliar again.

Hostels is our preferred choice of accommodation since our Round the World trip, as it allows the opportunity of meeting other travellers easily and simultaneously allowing you the option of a private room. Since this trip to Prague was going to consist of part business for Monty (two days work) and the rest pleasure, we decided to stay in an apartment near the Jewish Quarter chosen for having excellent internet connection and accessibility to the rest of Prague.

Due to our late arrival we were collected from the airport and as we sat in the taxi, in the early hours of the morning, the city was peaceful, with welcoming breeze of freshness in the air and we watched the shifting of scenery from tram links to the city lights and the ever changing architectural buildings. This to me was definitely a great introduction to Prague. For the next few days we explored the city slowly, soaking in the ambience, enjoying the Old Town, Little Quarter, New Town, Jewish Quarter and a trip to Prague would be incomplete with out a visit to Prague Castle or a walk on Charles Bridge.


As a first timer in Prague, the city gives the impression of comfort, easy going attitude and a relaxed environment where all you need to do to see most of the highlights is stand in a spot and look around you. It is a place where it would be difficult to get lost which is alot coming from me, as I tend to get lost nearly everywhere. The transport link is easy and inexpensive. Rich in History Prague emerged from World War II almost unscathed by bombings which can be witnessed in the Old Town and around.

Now, as any visitor new to a city you can find out a whole list of ‘Must See and Dos’ from several sources. I research places to see, activities to do, and yes food to eat and beers to try. Even though beer was not our choice of drinks, we were still looking forward to trying, as this was what travelling was all about, new experiences.

Prague is a colourful city that you can visit time and again. The city can be explored in so many different ways, from walking, to trams, to buses, to boats, to ebikes, to old-timey cars and to trying out on a fun Segway. DSC_0146

We got to know the city abit more by going to some of the following places: The Oldest Brewery to try our very first PIVO (Beer in Czech) ‘Pilsner Urquell’ which was black in colour and so smooth that went down like water quenching your thirst.

The evening was followed by live accordion music with visitors and locals flooding this famous brewery. We treated ourselves to one of the very popular Hungarian by origin made famous by the Czech, we tasted our first ‘Goulash’. Czech food for meat lovers will not be left disappointed with the taste as well as the portion. Travellers be warned, you will be fed generous portions so working up an appetite is highly recommended.

Some more pictures. Below is the Atomic Clock in Prague 1.

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